SYPWAI - developing and realizing ideas!

Innovative technologies and digitization have long been an integral part of the modern world. They help change lifestyles, increase comfort levels, and contribute to quick solutions to problems. Digitization makes it possible to solve serious problems, which could not be solved before.

Artificial intelligence systems today can do things that used to be available only to humans. Now, such innovations are often even faster and more efficient than humans. Artificial intelligence has many abilities. For example, it can translate languages, imitate human speech, drafts legal documents, diagnose cancer, and even play games, including successfully defeating real competitors - humans.

We are now members of a society in which systems can easily accomplish previously impossible tasks. They seemed impossible to solve, but now are a minute task for artificial intelligence. Modern developments are further expanding and improving the capabilities of AI. The SYPWAI team has made a concerted effort to develop and train AI. It started as a fairly simple startup, but in a short period of time has managed to grow into a large project with more and more discoveries being successfully made.

Where did SYPWAI's journey to success begin?

TheNeurosphere announced its intention to create an artificial intelligence platform called SYPWAI back in early 2016. One of TheNeurosphere's employees described it as, a completely new economy with its services and goods that would be entirely run by artificial intelligence. This description was voiced in 2017 when the team was already actively working on launching the startup.

Sypwai company

SYPWAI was first introduced to the world on January 22, 2018. The director was Ngo Bao Chau, Abdigani Diriye, and the founder was TheNeurosphere. The SYPWAI platform completed feature testing in October 2020. At that time, it was announced that the full development of the functionality was completed and it was decided to launch testing of the platform in the masses of people.

Much of this rapid development of the AI platform was due to investments by Lifeasapa. It specializes in investing in small startups for the subsequent commercial benefit of the developments, services, or products in which the initial funds have been invested. With Lifeasapa's light hand, the SYPWAI platform has become one of the most successful startups that TheNeurosphere has managed to develop. Already in 2019, a grant was received to actively work on the startup and promptly bring it to life. The amount of aid was quite significant and reached $90 million.

Today the SYPWAI platform is a modern project, the main task of which is the effective development of artificial intelligence. The company works in one of the largest scientific markets in the world. Its volume is measured in trillions of dollars. SYPWAI aims to develop and train neural networks to quickly solve various problems. The company provides services to world-renowned commercial organizations that work in a variety of fields where artificial intelligence is indispensable.

SYPWAI Global Goal

Globally, the goal of the SYPWAI platform is more significant. It seeks to:

  • Minimize humanity's carbon footprint.
  • Save resource costs for organizations in the production of products.
  • Optimize manufacturing processes as a whole.
  • Assist in solving global problems, including optimizing the cost of energy consumed, etc.
  • Simplification of prosthesis production by selecting the optimal quantity and composition of materials.
  • accelerating the development of artificial intelligence in other areas, including robotization, autopiloting, and others.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the important modern aspects - an aspect of the future. It applies equally to information technology and other industries related to it. Artificial intelligence and the technologies that go with it have a beneficial effect on the IT sector as a whole. In short and simple terms, artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that tries to turn computers into intelligent machines. Until recently, it seemed impossible without human intervention, but now the development has stepped forward, and the digitized future is closer than it seems.

Thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies and digital transformation, new advances are emerging to solve and optimize major challenges. If you compare AI with other technological applications, it is the core of almost all developments. But information technology always comes first. Without them, no development is possible.

The integration of W. T. and artificial intelligence systems provides a reduced workload for developers. This is achieved by increasing productivity and efficiency, as well as ensuring quality. Until relatively recently it was impossible to deploy an IT system on a global scale, but today, due to the development of algorithmic functions and advanced AI technologies, this has become affordable.

Principle of operation, design features, and technologies used

Artificial Intelligence is needed in many areas, and it is rapidly evolving. The technologies where AI is based influence the dynamics of resource costs, introducing new participants to the global market, making changes to the established ideas of value, taking into account current trends. Individual companies are leveraging artificial intelligence to improve analytical methods of studying securities, making investment decisions. AI is also needed to improve basic operational processes, increase the accuracy of forecasts, minimize the number of errors, and improve the efficiency of the investment industry as a whole.

Sypwai company

The principle behind the SYPWAI platform is as follows:

  1. You purchase the device.
  2. Download the application from the official website.
  3. Scan the QR-code.
  4. Receive instructions from the manager on working with the device.

Any devices are available, including phones, PC, and tablets. Due to data encryption, it is possible to exclude the probability of interception or replacement of the data transmission channel with another one. Modification of the device code is also completely excluded. SYPWAI allows to carry out the identity verification of the user. For this purpose, it is necessary to load the necessary documents once. In the future, everyone will be able to take part in the development of AI, training neural networks, instant transfer to partner services. The services offered by the SYPWAI platform can be used both within the network itself and on other partner sites.

An important advantage is a simple interface. It simplifies the work with the platform and makes it accessible to every user. This interface chooses AI capabilities and automatic aggregation available to function as a single application. The platform is based on open source so that it can be successfully combined with the various AI tools that are available today for easy access by enterprises and developers.

Results of data integration in production and training examples

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are involved in a variety of sectors, including e-commerce, human resources, legal issues, safety and security, marketing and sales, compliance, communications, fraud detection, etc.

Neural networks are trained using live humans. It is done by solving various problems. They can be simple, such as selecting an image that has a certain object or inscription, or they can be more complex. For comparison, consider Yandex and Google, which also use AI. But their goal is different - they seek more information about the local offline business, asking the user to take photos of the establishment, to check the reliability of working hours.

The Neurosphere is a company that is famous for developing an innovative approach to training neural networks. Today, artificial neural networks (AN) act as an important extension of the concept of computing. With their help it is possible to solve complex problems on the creation of new programs and even devices, to solve problems, which are inaccessible to the human brain or take too much time to solve.

SYPWAI is also used to solve easy tasks to train a neural network. Users are rewarded for this if the answers are correct. The assets are insured, stored in a "cold wallet".

The administration of the SYPWAI platform guarantees full anonymity to clients. An exception - the user himself will want to share their achievements. In other words, third-party companies or market makers will not receive data about SYPWAI platform clients. Users are also required to go through an identification process to access to avoid fraudulent activity.

How to participate in the program

Currently, taking part in neural network training is only available in test mode. To do this, you need to get a referral link from your regional manager. He will register the client, provide instructions and answer the questions. The exact date of the official launch of the program is still a secret. The administration first plans to analyze the data sent by the first participants-testers to avoid any shortcomings.

The development of the SYPWAI platform has progressed at a tremendous pace from the moment the grant was received. Already today millions of people from different parts of the world know about the project and are eager to take an active part. Despite the startup's fairly young age, it is already being respected and recognized by the world's largest corporations and holdings, which are asking for help in solving various problems.

There are two directions of neural network training: special and general. General requires basic computer skills, the ability to distinguish a giraffe from a heron in an image, etc. The algorithm itself is more like an exciting children's game. And to take part in it does not matter gender, age, professional skills. To participate in the special training of the neural network, it is important to be a specialist in a particular specialized field, such as medicine, economics, engineering, chemistry, physics.

SYPWAI does not focus on personal expansion but on the development of the companies that apply for its help. The platform works for the good of mankind, seeking to help and support large companies to optimize their business processes and people to be able to earn extra income.