Get your Website on First of Google

Welcome Everyone 

Today i am going to tell you few simple steps which can increase your Domain Rank on Google

  • Audit your all Pages of Website

Check how many Pages are there in a website , What is the Length of a Title on a Page , what all the keywords you have mentioned , check all pages are working fine or they are redirecting to some other Page or something like 205 , 501 or 302 Redirecting or moving , Every page should have Different keywords and title and description . No keywords , Description or Title should repeat either on same page or in whole website Pages

  • Update your All Pages

After Audit everything and if everything is correct then simple Update all the Pages that will Refresh your website link on Search engines either on Google , Yahoo , Bing us and Yandex .

  • Open Google Webmaster tool and Google Analytic tool .

You know in this section what all the things you will have to do . Create a Analytic Script and Google Webmaster Code and Paste both Code and Script in all the Pages of your Website . Again Audit and Update your all Pages .

  • Open Google Ad-words Keyword Suggestion Tool

If you have an Account then its a good thing if not then create one . And then Start doing what i am going to say . Mention the Type of a Website you have or a Nature of Business . If you have few Keywords in your mind then type that also if not then simple click on get keywords idea . which will generate a list of keywords also the rates and Competition for that same Keywords .

  • Choosing of Keywords

Choose the High Competition Keywords also those keywords who all are costly . well no need to worry in this because this is a trick that those people who are using Ad-words Services from google their website can never be reflect with the a Same keyword in Organic Search . hahaha thats true means IF YOU CHOOSE DOING GOOGLE AD-WORDS FOR YOUR DOMAIN THEN FORGET ABOUT THE SEO  .

  • Check all your Competitors by that keyword

Now Audit their Website and Compare that how many errors they have and how many errors you have . if you have errors lesser than them then stop everything Audit your website for the Last time and then Sit relax for 4 to 5 days . But if you have Errors more than them then have to remove all the errors in your website to get the site to be load Faster than others . and Smooth Loading speed is 3 to 4 Seconds . which will light your website Weight .

Once you have done all these steps then you are going to Compete all those companies who are standing against your Company or  a Brand . So enjoy on Google

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